Dan Harmon and Jason Sudeikis Crank-Called Chevy Chase Last Night.

Community creator Dan Harmon’s full-speed, cross-country tour (one city per day) for his live podcast, “Harmontown,” stopped at Brooklyn’s Bell House Wednesday night, and his old friend Jason Sudeikis joined him and co-host Jeff Davis for nearly the whole show. But another old pal whom Harmon had contacted to cameo was a cryptic no-show: Chevy Chase. After Harmon and Sudeikis tried to decipher Chase’s odd response to the invite, they decided to do the next best thing to having him: crank-call him live.

Hey, I was at this show!

Pretty entertaining. It was also filmed so I’ll post video of that when available. One of the main camera guys meandered his way over to my left and filmed literally right next to me for most of the show.

Lessons learned:

Dan Harmon has a powerful hold on his audience. He literally got an entire room to quiet when crank-calling Chevy Chase. 

Chevy Chase’s voicemail message is strange. As in, you’re not sure if it’s actually him. 

Dan Harmon’s girlfriend is a young (28 I think was mentioned?), cute redhead. He also made her cry earlier that day. 

They literally played Dungeons & Dragons at one point. And Sudeikis had no idea what was going on but went along with it. He also appeared impressed by the Dungeon Master’s ability to remember every aspect of the characters, their weapons/skills, and the game itself. 

Everyone is extremely jealous of Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde. Especially Harmon’s girlfriend. The term “two angels finding each other” may have been used at one point. Also, Wilde’s mascara tears may be bottled and then sold to the public as Maybelline mascara. 

And, this is horrible of me, but at one point I thought, “so THIS is where all the morbidly obese people are in Brooklyn!” Obviously not the entire audience but certainly the most I’ve seen since moving.

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