You see, people’s lives don’t follow structure and we don’t go an a journey. We don’t cross thresholds, we don’t meet goddesses and we don’t return to our villages with elixir. We may occasionally be heroes and sometimes villains but mostly we’re just people… Truth is we’re mostly extras. — Dan Harmon
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Dan was one of the The 15 Most Fascinating Filmmakers and Stars at SXSW
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Dice on the floor, adventures galore!
Dice on the table, evil is able. To happen.
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Dan Harmon: I want to communicate. I'm going to step forward holding my hands in a non violent manner and I say, "Guys you are us, we are you. That means you don't want to do this either. Let's not do it together and we'll have twice as much a chance at that working. Of that working. You're probably drunk too a couple articles and prepositions aren't going to bug you. I wait for your answer take all the time you want." I step back.
Spencer: In unison the four draw their weapons.
Dan Harmon: You’re a fucking dick, Spencer! And you were born a dick and you’re gonna die a dick! You’re vindictive and you’re petty. This is why people don’t like Dungeons and Dragons! They think of nerds as being these people with all this anger welling inside them and they take it out on dice and things or they...Maybe we should go out on a football field and fuck each other up! If that's what you want! If you like pain! If you like discomfort LET'S GO PLAY FOOTBALL! You know this is supposed to be about fun! I don't wanna die! It's Mother's Day! She loves season four [of Community] If I die she won't even care! She won't notice! She was quoting lines I wasn't even there! She won't notice! She only knows I exist because of the fucking television and she's going, "Oh that was a good one!"
We’ve burnt women at the stake, we’ve drilled holes in people’s heads. So much has been done wrong by powerful people in the name of religion. It’s not religion’s fault, it is powerful people’s fault. They will abuse anything you give them. If you replace religion with science or money, rich, old, white people are gonna burn women at the stake, they’re gonna do it for whatever reason, they’re gonna do it because they hate women.
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In a world where we team up on specific words like “retarded” and the “N-word” and go, “OK, we’ll get rid of these words cuz these things are like abracadabra. If I say retarded enough in the wrong way the retarded people… are gonna be even more retarded. If we eliminate the word, retardation will go away. Uhh uhhh, not that it should because they’re amazing people and it’s language that’s the real handicap.” Meanwhile, people who say words that have no meaning at all are actually actively oppressing people and causing things that result in people being physically hurt. And they get away with it because their words are porridge instead of having any flavor. …Porridge shouldn’t be synonymous with lack of flavor. It gets a bum rep.
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I’m being sarcastic. Your silence disturbs me sometimes
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Do you understand what happens when he walks into a room? Like, everything gets complicated.
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